What if I told you that you have hidden programming that's specifically limiting your money and wealth...

You would want to know about it. Right?

"I show entrepreneurs and commissioned sales people who are struggling with money yet ready to go big, how to make more money"

Hi... My name is Aaron Prentice and I show entrepreneurs and commissioned sales people who are financially struggling yet ready to grow big how to make a lot more money.

Normally I work locally, coaching and mentoring people in person... But the world has changed and things are different now as almost everything happens over Zoom. This opened new opportunities for me. That's good.

So, I'm looking for new clients... but not in the usual sense. I'm creating a program for those with no traditional upper limit on their income, not salaried employees, so they can make a lot more money. When complete, this is a year long, biweekly group coaching program at $10K. As part of the program development, I am now conducting a test. This test phase will be eight sessions over 16 weeks. The fee is very reasonable and reflective of a commitment.

Simply put, I need a test market. So...

If you are an entrepreneur or commissioned sales person and this sounds interesting to you, click below to book a Clarity Strategy Action session. It will only take about 30 minutes... and it could change your financial life forever. At the end of the 30 minutes, you will have a clear understanding of your starting position for making a lot more money. With that information, I will make my best recommendation for you... and you can use this new clarity to determine your best path.

Program Structure

Shift 1 - Leaving the Past for the Future

    1. Money Map

    2. Earliest Money Paradigm

    3. Downsides of Wealth

    4. Financial Trauma Process

Shift 2 - Possibilities and Action

    1. Goal trauma

    2. Outrageous goals

    3. Outrageous goal action

    4. Handling Overwhelm

Shift 3 - Confidence and Empowerment

    1. The fear of shining too brightly

    2. I’m not good enough YET

    3. Confidence and inner worth resilience

    4. Hidden agendas

Shift 4 - Supercharge

    1. Inner motivation supercharge process

    2. Self-sabotage spiral - backwards spiral

    3. Laser action vs. Procrastination

    4. Continuous cycle

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